(EN) Sundance with C.J.

LIM | Less is More

by C.J. Obasi
World Premiere at Sundance!
Mami Wata by C.J. Obasi

MAMI WATA by C.J. Obasi will have its World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival, which is taking place January 19–29 in Utah (USA).
The feature film is selected in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition. It is the first film by a Nigerian-based filmmaker to be showcased at the festival.
C.J. took part in LIM | Less is More for the development of this feature film in the framework of the partnership with Ouaga Film Lab.

C.J. Obasi interview about his experience at LIM

Screening Times

Jan. 23 11:00PM GMT +01:00
Library Center Theatre
Park CitySecond Screenings
Jan. 25 1:30AM GMT +01:00
Megaplex Theatres at The Gateway 6
Salt Lake City

Jan. 25 8:25PM GMT +01:00
Redstone Cinemas – 1
Park City

Jan. 26 10:25PM GMT +01:00
Holiday Village Cinemas – 1
Park City
Jan. 27 10:30PM GMT +01:00
Egyptian Theatre
Park City

Jan. 24 4:00PM GMT +01:00

Available Until Jan. 30 7:55AM GMT +01:00

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